About Us

Hey! Welcome to the about us page. I’m Rajnikant Tiwari, the founder of Hindimarketer.com.

What is Hindimarketer?

Hindimarketer is a personal blog written professionally by a Marketing Professional. And the person is, obviously…me as described in the title and tagline (HindiMarketer by Rajnikant, My public diary) of this site.

What can you expect?

Here at HindiMarketer blog, we write on the topics related to Marketing, Copyrighting, Marketing Tools, AI, Tech, and literally about everything that we encounter in our day to day life as a marketer. So, you can expect trustable and valuable information on the above from an expert of the field.

Why the name Hindimarketer?

The services offered under the umbrella of this brand is basically caters to the Indian audience however it is not limited to just Indian audience but to the whole globe. Hindi is the primary language of India and Rajnikant is a professional marketer specialized in CPC Ads, Copyrighting, and brand promotion. That’s why the name HindiMarketer.

Feel free to write to me at rajnikant@hindimarketer.com or visit the Contact page for more contact options.