From Zero to Selfie Hero: Unleash Your Inner Star with the AI Selfie Generator Magic!

Hey! Are you looking for Free tools to generate stunning AI selfies, portraits, and Avatars, here I have come up with the Best AI Selfie Generator to generate super Realistic and stunning selfies for your Facebook wall, Instagram Profile picture, and WhatsApp Profile Picture.

AI selfie generator

To use this tool, simply upload a couple of your selfies into the dashboard, and within a minute 10s of variations of AI selfies would be generated in front of your eyes.

Now, use these generated selfies to share across your social media handles and present a unique AI version of yourself in front of your friends.

Sounds interesting?

What is AI Selfie Generator

The AI Selfie Generator tool I’m talking about is “Fotor Free AI Selfie Generator“. However, this tool is not alone to generate AI selfies and Avatars, there are other tools too. But what I loved the most about the Fotor AI selfie generator is its Super easy user interface.

The best part is that you don’t need to be tech-savvy or you don’t even need to click 10s of buttons or wait in the queue for a longer period of time to generate your beautiful selfies.

Generating AI selfies on Fotor is so easy that even a 4th-grade student can easily create AI selfies with the click of a button and that too for Free without even a signup.

Here is a thing I thought you must be aware of. “Please upload as many selfies of yours as you can as per the image criteria provided inside the tool“. The more images you upload, the better would be the generated AI Selfies.

How to generate AI Selfies on Fotor AI selfie generator – Step by step

Step 1: Download Fotor mobile App or simply use the web version of the tool on your desktop.

Step 2: Select the style of your selfie from various styles and character options like “Hi Barbie, Illustration Art, Disney Face, AI Avatars, Fairytale, Anime, American Comic, etc.

Step 3: Upload your Photo and select the number of selfies to be generated eg. 3,4,5, etc., and Click Generate Now

The tool will ask you to wait for 1 minute to generate your eye-catching AI selfie images. Once the wait is over, you will get an option to download any of these images.

Please note that you will get 5 Free credits as Fotor Giveaway. 1 Credit for each AI-generated selfie would be used. After that, the app will ask you to Subscribe to its Paid membership plan.

But no need to worry at all. 3 Day free trial is available with each of the plans which means you can use all the Pro features for Free for the entire 3 Days.

Fotor Pricing Plans

In addition to Free credits and 3 Days Free Trial, Fotor offers 2 different types of Monthly and Yearly paid plans – Fotor Pro and Fotor Pro +.
Fotor Pro starts at $8.99/Month and Fotor Pro Plus at $19.99/Month. You can save more with Fotor annual pricing plans starting from $39.99/Year.

Features of Fotor AI Selfie Generator

I, myself tried Fotor AI selfie generator mobile app as well as the web version and found some cool features I would like to share with you.

  • Fotor AI Cartoonizer
  • Fotor AI Generate
  • Fotor AI Avatars
  • Fotor AI Sketch
  • Fotor AI Concept Art Generator
  • Fotor AI Japanese Anime Generator
  • Fotor AI Cartoon Generator
  • Fotor AI Line Drawing Tool
  • Fotor AI Oil Painting
  • Fotor AI Anime Illustration
  • Fotor AI 3D Art and Photo Generator
  • Fotor AI 90s Anime Generator
  • Fotor AI B&W Generator
  • Fotor AI Art Nouveau Generator
  • Fotor AI Ukiyo-e
  • Fotor AI text to image generator
  • AI Game concept face
  • AI Sketch
  • AI Retouch
  • AI Face Unblur
  • AI image enlarger
  • AI Magic remover
  • AI old photo restore
  • AI Colorize
  • AI Background remover and background blur
  • AI red and blue ink effect
  • AI Van Gosh Style
  • AI Expressionism Art

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Apart from the above, Fotor is a powerful image editing tool to transform your ordinary photos into stunning and attractive images.

What do you think about the above post? Did it help you find The best AI selfie generator you were looking for?
Reply in the comments. Drop me an email If you got some more questions about the AI selfie generator.

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