Meet PI AI: Your New BFF Chatbot with a Killer Sense of Humor!

Introduction: PI AI Your personal AI chatbot

Since the emergence of ChatGPT, each day new AI startups are coming into existence. Among them, most of the startups are either using the APIs of some powerful language models like ChatGPT or are in the BETA phase of development.

Inflection AI Homepage

Among them, very few startups are building their Language Models from scratch. PI AI is one of them I’m going to talk about in this post.

PI AI (stands for Personal Intelligence Artificial Intelligence). The startup company behind this chatbot is Inflection AI.

Launched in early 2022, the Palo Alto-based AI startup is breaking the AI market with its unique concept of “Personal AI Chatbots with a human touch” using LLM (Large Language Models).

Backed by co-founders and CEOs of tech giants like Microsoft, Nvidia, LinkedIn, and Google, this AI startup has recently raised around $1.2 Billion in funding.

Now, valued at $4 Billion, the co-founder and CEO of this AI startup Mustafa Suleyman claimed to have the world’s best AI hardware setup.

Now, let’s dive deeper and learn more…

What is PI AI: Understand in simple language

PI AI is a chatbot somewhat similar to your Google Assistant or Apple’s Siri. But it does more than just making calls, sending texts, or performing a simple web search. Yes, you heard it right.

What’s special about this AI chatbot is that It chats in a friendly and humorous tone. While chatting you will feel like, you are chatting to your best friend, boyfriend, or girlfriend. However, it is not the purpose of this AI Chatbot.

Let me make it more simple for you…

It is just like ChatGPT but with a friendly tone of conversation with human touch with an enhanced capability of understanding your language. You can even talk to and listen to the produced text by choosing the voice option OFF or ON.

What PI AI does? Functions of PI AI

I personally interacted with PI AI Chatbot and tried to find what it is capable of.

That’s how the conversation began: (See the screenshot below)

PI AI Chatbot first conversation
PI AI Chatbot first conversation

As discussed in the previous section, it is capable of everything like other language models like ChatGPT. But what I found unique is that It can search the web to find the latest information on any given topic.

Please have a look at what PI AI says on “latest information availability”

PI AI Latest information of the web
PI AI Latest information of the web

How to access PI AI

The web version of PI AI is accessible on both mobile and desktop devices for Free. To access it, just visit the website and start your first conversation with your funny companion. Earlier, it was called Hey Pi AI

You can interact with PI AI on Whatsapp, Messenger, Instagram, and even in your device SMS App. In addition to that, the PI AI Official mobile app is available on the Apple store as well.

What are you waiting for try PI AI now

Got some questions about his cutting-edge AI technology? Ask me here...

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FAQs: Inflection’s PI AI

What is the “PI, your personal AI Whatsapp number”?

+13143331111 is the Whatsapp number of “PI, your personal AI”

What is inflection AI?

Inflection AI is the parent company of the personal AI chatbot “PI AI“.

Is PI AI safe to use?

Yes, It is safe. PI AI is from a trusted company and It protects the user’s privacy.

What is a personal AI app?

A personal AI app is a personalized AI chatbot. PI AI is one of the examples of personal AI apps.

What is the Reddit thread of PI AI

Here is the URL of one of the Reddit threads that mentioned PI AI.

Where can I find the Android App of PI AI?

There is no Android app available right now but it is expected soon. The only available app is on the IOS platform.

Where can I find the PI AI IOS app?

Here is a direct link to the PI AI App on IOS.




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