[Review] Lava Agni 2 5G Exposed: A Deep Dive into Performance, Design, and More

Planning to buy Lava Agni 2 but not sure if Is it worth buying?
Or are you curious to know about this 5G smartphone?

Whatever the reason for your landing on this page, you will get a detailed review of this smartphone.
In this post, I’ve shared my whole story from researching a budget smartphone to getting it delivered and further What is my experience with the smartphone in the last 21 days

Lava Agni 2 5G review

CONs I Experienced with Lava Agni 2 5G

1. Camera Quality
2. Minor Bugs
3. Lack of available accessories

PROs and features I loved in Lava Agni 2 5G

1. Good performance
2. Premium Design and look
3. Nice viewing experience
4. Good 5G coverage

Want to dive deeper? Let’s go…

On 15 July 2023, I ordered my Lava Agni 2 5G and it got delivered to me on Monday, 24 Jul 2023. Before this, I was researching a budget 5G smartphone with at least the following features:

1. Curved Display
2. On-screen fingerprint
3. At least 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage or ROM
4. Fast Charging and a good battery backup
5. And an awesome look, which everybody wants. Right?

My research stopped on 2 Contemporary smartphones.
1. Realme 11 Pro + 5G, and
2. Lava Agni 2 5G

Realme 11 Pro + Vs Realme Narzo 60 Pro Vs Lava Agni 2

But the problem with Realme 11 Pro Plus was that it fit every aspect of my preferences except for the price. The phone price was ₹27,999 for the 8GB, 256 GB variant, and ₹29,999 for the 12GB, 256GB variant.

It made more sense to me as this phone is equipped with a 200MP Camera which is the highest in this price segment, I feel.

I would have bought it If a good discount offer might have come but It did not happen.

Soon, I interacted with the Lava Agni 2 5G for the very first time. It was kind of “Love at first sight” for me because of its look or at least the way it was graphically represented. I dove deeper to find more…

I realized that this was exactly what I wanted especially considering its price.

But, to my surprise, it was out of stock. I came to know that the stock was limited and the next sale is expected soon. This ignited my curiosity even further to research more…

There were around 200 reviews on Amazon with a 4.3 Average user rating. Most of the reviews were positive except for the Camera and a few bugs like Automatic brightness adjustment issues, sometimes inactive fingerprint sensor, etc.

I was suggested by Lava customer care to subscribe to the official Facebook page of Lava Mobiles for the sale update.

I was waiting for an update. Meanwhile, Realme Narzo 60 Pro early sale was announced. I curiously went to see the features and to my surprise, It came up in a 12 GB, 1 TB(1000 GB) variant. With a 100MP Main camera, it was something identical to Realme 11 Pro.

I began dreaming of owning a smartphone with the highest ROM storage in the “1 TB Smartphones under 30000″ segment. Without a second thought, I changed my mind and booked a 12 GB 1 TB variant of the phone by paying the booking amount of ₹999.

The features that attracted me the most were the INR 1,500 Discount on the SBI debit card and an additional 6 Month’s warranty.

2 Days later, because of some budget issues, I canceled my order.

Lava Agni 2 5G Review

Finally, I zeroed in on Lava Agni 2 5G. The next sale began on 15 July. I instantly ordered the phone and got a ₹750 discount. The final cost was ₹21,249.

The phone was delivered on the 24th of July 2023.

Since then, I’ve been continuously using the phone and tested and experienced almost everything on the phone including a software update.

Before buying, I was afraid of reading some negative comments on Lava Agni 2 Camera and some major bugs like Automatic brightness adjustment.

But after a recent software update, the brightness and other minor issues have been fixed except for the camera quality.

I liked everything in this phone except the Camera quality. Here is the list of what I liked and disliked the most.

Features I liked the most

1. The performance is awesome, with no lags.
2. Sound is loud and clear
3. Dual mic is working fine
4. Battery backup greatly enhanced after the software update
5. App switching is very smooth
6. Fast Charging is good (50% Charge in under 15 minutes)
7. Clean Android
8. Good network coverage
9. Lightweight

Lava Agni 2 5G review

Features I didn’t like

1. Camera quality is poor. Hoping for an improvement with a software update
2. Some minor bugs still exist which could be fixed by updates.
3. Back cover provided inside the box is not enough to protect the camera from scratches. Another back cover or flip cover is not available to buy.

Special Features I Liked in Lava Agni 2

1. Background Play – You can play YouTube videos in the background while working on other apps.
2. Inbuilt QR Code Scanner and Screen recorder.

Must-have features that are not available in Lava Agni 2 5G

1. Motion Gestures – To perform a desired action by moving the device in a particular way.
2. Function keys are not programmable

Photos taken from Lava Agni 2 5G Camera

Here are a couple of photos taken from Lava Agni 2 Primary (50 MP) and secondary (16MP) camera under different lighting conditions

Lava Agni 2 5G camera
Lava Agni 2 5G camera photos
Lava Agni 2 5G camera in landscape mode

Is Lava Agni 2 good for gaming?

Yes, it is. Though I’m not a gamer yet I’ve read some reviews and watched a couple of videos of gamers praising the phone for good gaming experience.

Final Verdict

Lava Agni 2 5G is a budget 5G smartphone with premium features like a curved display, on-screen fingerprint, premium Design, and awesome features.

The only major CON I found so far is the Camera quality however I will not call it a bad camera but it’s not up to the mark as you might expect in a curved display smartphone.

Though, the company has promised that it will improve this with future software updates. So, If you are ready to compromise a little bit with the camera quality and want an awesome curved display budget smartphone with good performance, Lava Agni 2 is a perfect fit for you.

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