PDF drive not working? Is it dead? Here is your answer…

PDF drive .com or PDFdrive .net is the most popular website to download premium PDF books for free for the last couple of years. But recently, something strange happened with the site. And PDF drive is not downloading any requested files?

pdfdrive not working FIX NOW

Are you experiencing the same with this site and want PDFdrive alternatives?

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PDFdrive is one of the most popular sites on the internet to download books in PDF, ePUB, and MOBI format for free. I, myself was using this site for the last couple of years. This site has the largest database of eBooks in different formats.

All the books are categorized as per the users’ convenience. As mentioned on the site, PDFdrive.com has 80 Million + eBooks available and counting. That is why, PDFdrive .com is also termed as the largest search engine of eBooks.

Ease of access and Ad-free experience is what differentiates this site from the other sites on the web. PDFdrive.net is another domain of the same site redirected to PDFdrive.com

But recently I found that the download function of this site is not working anymore however the rest of the features of this site are functional. As I’m a regular reader of books and a die-heart fan of this site, I tried to diagnose the problem and arrive at a solution.

Here is what I found…

PDFdrive not downloading any files How to fix?

I entered the above term (PDFdrive not working) in the Google search box to find what’s going around. I read some Quora answers, PDFdrive Reddit thread, and a couple of blog posts.

pdfdrive not working

Later, I found that they all singing the same song. They recommend checking your internet connection, Checking if the server of the site is down, Clearing the browser’s cache and cookies, Restarting the device, using a VPN, and whatnot!

I tried all the recommended solutions and found that the problem is somewhere else. So, My research dove deeper to find the actual reason behind it. During my research, I noticed some strange things.

The official Facebook page of this site belongs to some other site called beeip.com. The last update on this posted on November 21, 2021, with some random contact details.

Shocked by the above, I tried checking the official Twitter page of the site for an update on the issue but the last post on the page was published in 2017.

Considering the above factors, I assume that there might be three possible reasons for the PDFdrive not working properly or unable to download any files.

  1. The security of the site might have been compromised and it might have been hacked.
  2. PDFDrive site might have faced some legal consequences for copyright infringement.
  3. There might be some administrative issues.

However, this is my personal opinion as I was not able to find any solid information on the above from a trusted source. I will update the same as soon as I find some.

How to fix PDFdrive not downloading issue

As I mentioned earlier, If you Google the above term, you might find suggestions to check your internet connection, use a VPN service, and blah…blah…blah…

pdfdrive not downloading

I tried all the above but nothing seems to be working. So this issue will not fix until and unless the administrators of the site take action. You might want to write to the administrators of PDFdrive. com by visiting their contact page.

Top 7 PDFdrive Alternatives

Now, the question arises that how long should I wait for PDFdrive download links to become functional. Or, what are the sites similar to pdfdrive.com or pdfdrive.net? Are there any good alternatives to PDFdrive?

Here are some alternatives to pdfdrive you might find helpful

Is PDFDrive legit and safe?

As per the site, none of the files are hosted and stored on their servers and they are remotely stored and downloaded.

It is a quite difficult question to answer in a word, yet you can read their terms of use and DMCA and copyright policy to learn more about the legitimacy of the site.

pdfdrive official facebook page

From the safety point of view, it was safe earlier but as of now, you might be redirected to some random links that might lead to some harmful websites. So, avoid clicking any such random links while using PDFdrive. com site.


Pdfdrive is not downloading any files is the issue faced by each user of the site. There is no solution for the same until the administrators take action.

Meanwhile, you can keep checking the site and their Official social media handles occasionally for an update.

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