Say Hello to the Future: Top 10 AI Tools 2023 That Will Blow Your Mind!

Introduction to the world of AI

The world was never the same after the BETA launch of ChatGPT by OpenAI in November 2022. I prefer to call it the Pre-ChatGPT era and post-ChatGPT era, exactly the same as the pre and post-COVID era. Talking about AI, the changes that we have seen in the past 1 year specifically when it comes to cloud-based AI tools, are what we have not seen before.

It’s not that AI is something that suddenly dropped from the sky and came into existence in 2022 or so, but we are seeing a Boom in AI applications and AI-related Tools after the emergence of ChatGPT.

That’s what I’m going to cover in this article. Here, I’ve talked about those top AI tools which are on another level and of much use to non-tech kinds of users like you and me.

Top 10 AI tools 2023

The application of such tools is immense. Whether it is easy and quick access to information on the web, digital content creation, or even having an AI girlfriend, or your favorite influencer’s AI avatar.

During this article, I’ve talked about the Top 10 AI tools 2023 Free and paid to make your life way… easier and become a pro user of AI in 2023 to stand out in front of your friends and colleagues. The important thing is that I personally use these tools on a daily basis.

Note: Most of the tools are cloud-based and work on all mobile web browsers. This means you would be able to access them directly from your Android or iPhone device and from your PC as well.

So, without any further ado, let’s jump straight to the point and explore these mind-boggling AI tools to take your day-to-day life to another level. In this list, we have Lexica Ai at number 1.

1. Lexica AI art – A free tool to generate beautiful 2D and 3D AI Arts and photos

Do you want 3D images of your favorite actor in different avatars to decorate your living room? Or, Do you want to generate thousands of unique and copyrighted Free 2D and 3D images to use in your content creation projects? Here is your one-stop solution for the same.

Lexica AI Art and AI text image generator lets you generate thousands of images for Free just by typing a couple of related keywords in the search box. The important part is that You don’t even need to download this app or sign up for its services as it’s a cloud-based AI tool.

This tool uses generative AI technology to generate thousands of images of your choice in no time.

So, Why wait? Try this tool right now for free

Wasn’t that amazing?

Now, let’s move to our next breathtaking AI tool. At number 2, we have Heygen.

2. HeyGen – AI Video Creator and talking photo avatars

This is one of the most popular All-in-one AI video creation tools on the web. If you are a content creator, this AI tool is going to cut down your content creation efforts by up to 60% or even more…

HeyGen AI photo to video generator

This tool uses generative AI technology, and machine learning to create stunning videos. For this, you just need to give it text inputs and choose the voice and face models (avatars) from the numerous avatars available inside the dashboard.

The most important part of this tool is that this one platform alone consists of all the tools required for video production.
This includes:

  • Text to image generator
  • Text-to-speech in all the popular languages and voices
  • ​Photo to video generator(Talking Photo)

Not only this, but this tool allows you to edit, cut, and add custom audio, video, and images within Canvas.

The Heygen AI tool is accessible through mobile and Desktop browsers.

The thing I liked the most about this AI tool is “Talking Photo”. Here is how this works…
Click a photograph of yourself on your mobile, upload it inside the Heygen dashboard, enter the script you’ve written yourself or using an AI tool, select the voice, and click Submit.
That’s all you need to do from your side to generate stunning videos of yourself which seem as if you yourself are talking on camera.
If you are a Youtuber, Instagram Influencer, or Podcaster, it may save you a lot of time and effort.

The fun part is that you can transform Anybody literally into an AI Avatar and make them say whatever you want. For this, you just need a photo of that person and feed the desired text.

To this tool, you get 2 credits for Free. Try Heygen Now for Free >>

Recently, I was surprised to learn that they are even implementing a Voice Synthesis service. Meaning, You’d be able to create your voice clone as well.
In short, Using HeyGen you are creating an AI copy version of yourself.

The most powerful, natural, and realistic AI tool for voice cloning and text-to-speech which I found so far is ElevenLabs. Let’s see how it works…

3. ElevenLabs – The most realistic AI Text to Speech and Voice Cloning tool

After using tons of text-to-speech AI tools, my experience with Elevenlabs is super amazing. Sounds silly right?

Elevenlabs Realistic AI voice and text to speech

Let me explain to you why?

I would bet Elevenlabs is the ultimate destination for all of your AI text-to-speech generation needs. I have fallen in love with this tool personally as it generates super realistic human voice sounds.

I’m sure you would love it too. With a vast library of voice models, it provides options to choose your voice model as per language, accent, gender, and age.

These voice models are categorized as per the user’s requirement. For example, if you are a content creator on Tiktok, YouTube, or Instagram, you will like these voices categorized specifically for the said purpose.

Not only this, you can generate your own voice clone within minutes with just a 1-minute voice sample of yourself. You can even generate entirely unique AI voice just by adjusting the voice parameters provided inside the platform. This AI voice tool is so much more powerful even in the BETA stage.

This platform is available for free with a character limit of 10000 per month with unlimited access to the entire voice library.

How Elevenlabs works?

Just enter text script >> Choose your desired voice model >> Click Generate.

Within minutes, your audio mp3 file will be ready to download.

Try Elevenlabs for free.

4. ChatGPT – The revolutionary AI language model

This AI tool doesn’t require an introduction. It’s the ChatGPT that revolutionizes the AI industry like anything. For general users like you and me, it’s a simple language processing model. As a language model, it is designed to accept text input, also called prompts, and gives answers in the form of text. The entire session is in the form of a chat.


ChatGPT is trained from the huge text database on the web till 2021. This means this AI tool is capable of helping you with anything that happened till this time.

It’s just like your Google Assistant or Apple’s Siri. Ask anything…

The application of this tool is huge. You can get help with your day-to-day life from business to personal assistance. But the most important aspect of such language models like ChatGPT is what we know today as generative AI.

Let me make it more simple for you. Generative AI is the capability of an AI system to generate new responses such as text, images, and other media based on an existing database.

5. Dalle – E The most powerful image Generation AI

Dalle E AI text to image generator using generative AI

It is another powerful language model developed by OpenAI capable of generating realistic images and arts from a description in natural language. Most of the image Generation tools including (Bing image generator, and you see today are powered by Dalle – E.

6. CarynAI – Your virtual AI Girlfriend

A Social media influencer Caryn grabbed a lot of attention. She was in the headlines for days because she claimed that She has built an identical AI version of herself and named it CarynAI.

AI Girlfriend CarynAI

This AI model would be able to understand the questions and emotions of a fan and reply accordingly in Chat Box.
I was surprised to see that thousands of people were lined up to join her private Telegram group just to see the demo.
The pricing for the under-development AI girlfriend starts from $1 per minute for chatting.

7. Craiyon AI – Unlimited Art and Image Generation tool

This is another cloud-based AI tool and a superb example of generative AI.

This tool enables you to generate any kind of images, Art, or drawings as per the description provided. Simply enter the description of your image in text format and within a minute, it will generate your desired images.

Craiyon AI text to image generator

The best part of this AI image generator tool is that it allows you to Upscale generated images to download in HD format.

As of now, this tool is free to use but the drawback is that you have to wait for 1 minute after each prompt.

Try Craiyon for free…

8. Deepmotion – Moving 3D version of yourself

This is one of the tools I appreciate for their uniqueness.
Simply Upload a sample video of yourself and this tool will implement the exact movement of your body parts to your selected avatar.

Deepmotion Generate 3D AI Avatar

Isn’t it amazing that you will get a moving 3D copy of yourself in no time?
This tool is again available for free to use but with limited features.
Ready to Create a moving 3D version of yourself? Try Deepmotion for free

9. Vyond AI animation generator

Vyond is popularly known to create 2D animated videos with its drag-and-drop feature.
I have been using this tool for a very long time to create 2D explainer videos and animated stories.

Vyond AI video generator

Recently, it introduced its AI-animated video generation tool. I personally tried it and it’s really powerful.
Unlike other similar text-to-video AI tools on the web, what I found special in this tool is that you just need to give it a simple and short text input and it will create an entire explainer video from scratch.

This video is full-length, again unlike other AI text-to-video generation tools, which generate videos of duration in seconds.

You don’t even need to feed it with the entire video script. It generates the script based on the theme, defines characters, creates voiceovers and scenes, and ultimately delivers ready-to-publish super-engaging videos. The entire process is automated. You just need to provide the text input.

Access this tool from here

10. DragGan AI editing tool (Under Development)

There is a rumor going on among AI enthusiasts that this advance and innovative AI image editing tool is going to replace most of the popular photo editing tools out there including PhotoShop, Canva, etc.

DragGan AI image editor

Developed by Max Plank Institute, this image editing tool utilizes Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to identify objects in the images and allows you to manipulate any part of the image just by selecting and dragging a specific point in the image.

The special thing I noticed in this tool is its child-play simple and easy user interface. This means, even a 4th-grade student would be able to edit any image using its super easy drag feature. You don’t even need a lot of learning to use this tool.

using this AI image editing tool, you can make someone smile, laugh, and cry. Not only this, but using its pixel manipulation technology, you can transform any object in an image into sitting, walking, running, or jumping postures.

This tool is under development and will be available to the public very soon. As of now, the code for DragGan is available on the official Github page of DragGan.


It’s not the end of the list. We have more and more advanced AI tools emerging each day. I’ll update this list occasionally. So, stay stunned…

Loved reading this Top 10 AI tools 2023? Yes!

Did you try the above AI tools? How was your experience? Which tools did you like the most? Please share in the comments below.

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